Monday, August 27, 2012


... some Jarvis's were in the water ...
The people that used to be the ones in the water, or on the dock, or playing at the stream, or laying on the sand have changed positions.

Now they are sitting on the beach watching another generation do their job of playing in the water, or trying to get the strength to swim around the dock.

... some were on the land ...
Here is Teague, for example, who is resting for a minute -- at the beach.

The only other times I heard him ask for a rest is during the trombone concerts that we have heard this year. "Just a minute, please, while we rest our lips," is a phrase we hear from Tim.

Then someone tells something about the next piece and the music begins.

My favorite so far is a funereal dirge -- really a tune composed when musicians thought they were loosing their symphony jobs -- constructing a melody right up there with the melody in Oliver, when he has to walk behind weeping in a professional funeral mourners procession.
... some were reading their new second handstore books ...

Doral and Anita and their kids had just returned from a Treleaven get to gether at the Abbotsford Air Show.

Equally important to the airshow, it seemed, were the new second hand books Doral had picked up while they were down in Vancouver, books that if you read his blog, you will soon be hearing about.
... some were wearing tattoo's ...

Audra is rarely seen asleep.

Here she couldn't last any longer and collapsed in her dad's arms at the beach.

Hard not to love the decoration on her own arm.
... some were ducking the photographer ...

The water never did get off the ramp while I was there this summer.

 But even in high water, the usual events still took place on the dock -- some diving, a few doing cannon balls, some tubbing, a little fishing for bottom feeders with a string and some dough ... and King of the Dock until someone cries.

In every generation there are people just can't help wanting to rise to the top.

... some were thinking about fishing ...
There were more boats this year than I have seen before.

Four of the sailboats belonged to Glen. Meighan wore her life jacket one afternoon, hoping there would be room for her for a ride.

No luck and so she suited up the next day.

 As she said herself, "It was a short ride." Only a few hundred yards from shore the catamaran went over, the main sailor unable to upright it, and Meighan hanging out in the kayak that went to give them help.
 ... some were tubing ... others were playing King of the Dock ...

And so on this day, the dock was busy.

People were in the water.

Others were hiding under the shade of the tarp on the beach.

A happy day for all.


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