Thursday, August 16, 2012

High Water

The height of the water has been a topic of discussion in the community, what with one of the streams changing it course and the fact that the water was no longer save to drink in Sicamous.

What changed for us out in Annis Bay is the configuration of logs on the beach -- new ones appearing and no matter how many times logs were pushed out in the water, hopefully to make their way to the west in the bay, there were always new logs on our beach the next day.

So it is fun to walk along toward Johnson's point and see if the old logs are still there, and to scramble along the tops of the new ones. Doral, Anita, their kids and some of the Treleavens made it all the way to Johnson's point on one of their expeditions along the sand.

Did you know that the two families who share that cabin have  been there longer than we have been in Annis Bay -- they came in the early 1950's.

Two cabins were loaded off of the train.

Two men who worked the railroad had seen that this would be the ideal place for a summer retreat.

Three generations later they are still sharing that cabin as they did in the early days:  one family has June-July, the other family takes August-September, and the next year they switch.

I have gone down the beach twice, as far as I could go.

New docks / old docks with nails, and trees I have not scrambled over before dot the shore.

I don't do the long walks along high logs, but Rebecca Jarvis does.

The weather looked like rain, so David Camps didn't want to come along one day.

Bonnie told him that he could bring an umbrella and that he didn't have to go swimming.

He set the umbrella down near a log.
Is it a log?  Or an umbrella?
David was one sad person. He crouched to the ground, bereft of the tool that was going to keep him dry. The lightening had started over the Larch Hills Forest Reserve and as he had said before we started our walk ... he didn't want to get wet.

The wind lifted it up and placed it upside down on the water.

At least that is what the black spot in the middle of this picture is, if you could take the zoom on your camera and go in on this image.

All of the cousins scrambled up onto a high log for one photo op.

They took one good shot, and then pictures where they were standing on one leg, or making silly signs, or frightening faces.

Tom picked up a long stick and walked with it along the beach.

For all I know,  he still has it in his hand.


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