Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beach Walk in a Storm

Hebe and Catherine out in a storm.

I love the summer storms.

 I am not the only one.

Teague was reminiscing about the days when seeing the white caps coming in from Seymour Arm meant a person should run for their swimming suit and towel and get to the beach.

In my mind, when the sky darkens it is time to get home -- at least if a person is travelling the beach with little children.
Two of the summer storms have taken down huge limbs from my clump birth in the meadow.

The sticks that snapped off were so heavy that I couldn't carry them away.

Teaque helped me one day.

Gabe helped me pull more logs away from the path the next day.

 "I know these birches have completed their life cycles," I said to Glen. "But I am nervous about the danger they seem to be in a storm."

"Just don't go out and stand under one when the winds are whipping through," he replied.



  1. I really do and don't like seeing these updates. I was lucky to get nine days out there this summer but sad I am missing spending time with family in a place I love. Do keep having fun but remember the rest of us slaving away at jobs, school and the like. :)