Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lego Table

The Lego Table was a hit this year.  David Camps and his dad have been collecting lego since he was a small boy.  Now most of the pieces were laid out on the front room table for the summer.  Bonnie went to town and bought 4 more grey platforms.  What is the use of building those structures without a base to put them on.
... two four-drawer containers for extra pieces ...

The boys gathered around the table often, either giving each other instructions or sharing valuable pieces.
... Andrew Bates at play ...

Andrew was so entranced that he would come in the door, go directly to the table and then play ... even alone, if no one else was interested.

Not even cinnamon buns could tempt him away from the lego table.
"I am looking for one of the pieces I must have left at home."

David Camps has the same staying power at the table.

A tower is as important as a cave and he is an expert at finding pieces that no one else would think of using.

We didn't ever have a sharing time.

Mostly people would sit down and add onto a work that was already in progress.

Hard to know who really was the creator when the job was done.
The only down side of so many piece of lego is that they sometimes hit the floor.

To keep care of Babay Michael, he was usually placed on the other side of the front room door, and the rest of the kids played for many happy hours.


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