Friday, August 31, 2012

Roots and Blues - Three Generations

Landon Hicks
Here is the first of the third generation of Root 'n Blues Concert goers in the Pilling family.

Little Landon was under the weather as you can see from his eyes, so he only enjoyed the mornings at the festival.
Janet Pilling

And here is his grandma.

One of those you can't see is Connor with his "I've been tree planting for 3 months" shoulder length hair cut.

 Nor can you spot David and Shawna walking up and down the isles.

 I looked to see who was dancing just outside of the doors into the bar -- Jeremy and Sarah -- their last time at the festival without a baby, I guess.
Laynie Hicks

And now a look at Connor's mom -- and the baby's great-aunt in her glasses. Good-times being had by all.


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