Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Hebe

... welcome to my Special Day ...
A few days ago I was getting ready to go bowling with friends. 

My real birthday is March 31
 ... my birthday button to wear on my bowling day...
... my mom always lets me make a silly face ...
... even on my birthday ...


  1. Hey Hebe? How was the bowling party? Anyone break 100.

  2. Happy birthday! i love the silly faces!

  3. My favorite silly face is called "the mosquito". If you want to try it out, use Peter Pointer and Toby Tall Man to pull down your lower eye lids and then use Peter Pointer on your other hand to peek through from behind so it makes a stinger. You can add a sound effect (mosquito buzzing noise). Then I like to chase people but I am always worried I will poke one of my own eyes out.