Monday, April 30, 2018

Cendrillon attendance

Image from New  York Classical Review
From Mary:

We went to see the Met’s production of Cinderalla on Satruday in the theatre.

Some fantastic costumes.

Absolutely fantastic.

 But I have to say, the French style of opera is not my favourite.

I’ll take Puccini any day.


From Arta:

I went to the opera as well.  Here is what Broadway World has to say about it.  I try to read the reviews before I get there, but in this instance, I was just lucky to get on the bus and go to the Cinemas at Tillicum Plaza.

The half time interviews really work for me.  I didn't know one note in the opera.  In fact, I thought I was going to the other Cinderella.  I also want to read Operavore and I am sure I will get to it.  Just not today.

Here is the trouble I have at the opera.  If I don't go with some hard candies to suck on, or a can of Coke to keep me away, I sometimes drift in and out of sleep.  When I see the pictures on the reviews I think, hey, I didn't see that part.

Oh well.  Half an opera is still a plus for me.  Not the deep soulful music of Manon.  But I liked hearing that the conductor thinks it has all of the craft of the earlier Manon and even more, since it was written at a later date.  I will probably go back to the repeat and take my Coke and candy.  In the case of opera, the treats are medicinal -- stay awake meds.


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  1. Not an expert here, but French opera was as much about the ballet as the singing. So there are always long scenes of dance and pantomime. In this production, this did lead to some fantastic display of out of this world costuming, so I appreciated that. But didn't feel a lot of the contrasts I like in a opera. Less highs and lows of passion and feeling.