Monday, April 30, 2018

Coquihalla from east to west

 ... one last good-bye from the view where the kiln is located ...
We had to get to Vancouver by evening.

And we couldn't leave until the kiln had been cracked at the Shuswap.

And then another wait until everything in it was cool enough to come out of the kiln and into packaging to get it back to Victoria.

Rebecca wanted to leave at noon, but no later than 2 pm.

And it was 2 pm that saw us rolling out of Salmon Arm and on our way to another of Canada's wonderful highways.

I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over its beauty and Rebecca said, "It is no wonder people save up a lifetime so that they can drive along this stretch of highway."

That put the drive in perspective to me.

She kept telling me to take out my camera and shoot some pictures.

I was content to just let the miles roll by and enjoy the vista around every new curve.

The next thing I knew the sound in her voice was more like an order.

"Take out your camera. Be more like Bonnie.  Take pictures.  I can't see it.  I have to keep my eyes on the road and I want to see what is happening on both sides of us when we finally get there."

Cameras, now-a-days, don't need much help.

And that is doubley true when the camera is on a phone and there is not much more to do than point and click.

I don't think the pictures ever capture it all, for part of the joy is the 180 degrees in front of me, which can't be picked up by one of these images.

Still, a joy again to ride the Coquihalla.


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