Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Route #11

I remember riding the buses in Victoria from when I stayed here for four months after my hip operation.

I remember from the theatre, the fast route home is to go upstairs and out the parking level there and over to the bus stop across the street.

But the route that goes to UVic is numbered 11 and it is closer to the theatre.

riding route 11 -- UVIC
A longer ride, I can remember a bus driver telling me.

But after the opera I was looking for a long ride and this one was well worth my $4.

We went along Gourge Road for a long distance and through downtown Victoria, 45 minutes later arriving at UVic from where I could walk home.

I could have caught another bus, but those extra steps are good for me and when I am rested I don’t mind taking them.

The show, the ride and the walk were so pleasant.  I should have spaced them over a number of days and saved so many pleasures for the same day.

On the other hand, I could fill every day with buckets full of enjoyment.


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