Sunday, April 29, 2018

Nathaniel Bates Arrives Home from Japan

"Welcome Home!"
From Marcia Bates:

Nathan’s plane came in 40 min early, so the only person there to greet him was me.

I am the lucky one!

But I had a sign!

Art and Zack and Audra arrived 5 minutes later, and came to the pick up area since we were ready to go.

Iconic Peters!  We have all had burgers there.
I wanted to take him for burgers and shakes, so what better place then Peters Drive In.

We were there for 90 minutes, enjoying the heat and fun conversation.

Lurene and her 2 girls joined us, and Charise came a little while later.

The girls sure enjoyed their gifts, actually we all enjoyed our gifts.

It was great to have a couple of hours with Nathan, and we know he was so tired and might not remember it all.

But we sure do!


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