Friday, January 4, 2013

Banana Chip Cookies and my mini-Bosch

I have been trying to blog about the things I have been using my mini-bosch mixer for since I got it this fall.  Most often, it has been bread.

Tonight it was the banana chip cookies of my childhood.  I copied down the recipe from Cathy when I was at her house recently.  I think it was photocopied. Here's what I have written on the recipe card:

          Banana Chip Cookies (Arta)

          2 and 1/4 c flour
          2 tsp baking powder
          1/4 tsp baking soda
          3/4 tsp salt

          2/3c shortening
          1c sugar
          2 eggs
          1 tsp vanilla

          1c mashed bananas

          1 pkg choc chips

          Mix all 3 alternately then add choc chips.

          Drop by spoonful onto greased pan.

          Bake at 400F fro 10 mins.

          Arta clipped this recipe from the Calgary Herald years ago 

          and made them often while we were growing up.

I should not be surprised that none of my kids like them (let's be honest, they won't even try them). Crazy. Those children did not come from my body.

Those of you who have had these will remember it is like getting to eat just the top of a banana muffin. Mmmmm.


  1. Hi Mary,

    You are fun with that recipe. I was looking at it as well this week. Then the bananas that I thought I would be using disappeared. There is no telling who will eat what, and at which level of ripeness. Did you read the banana chip cookie recipe to see the method of putting them on the sheet. The last step is "sprinkle with a bit of sugar before baking". The last time I made them, I just got out a bowl of sugar and rolled the drop cookie in it. Why didn't I do that all of the year I made them! Improves the cookie with a bit of sparkle and ... oh what the heck! A bit of sugar on top improves anything -- kind of like a little extra cream.

  2. Nope, I missed the sprinkle sugar tip and didn't write it down. I would only do that to get Naomi to eat them, but I know she still wouldn't eat them even with sugar on top. She only had to touch the cookie to her lips to know she didn't like them. Hmph. None of my kids like baked goods with banana in them. Like I said before: crazy.

  3. this is my favourite cookie recipe from my childhood. i gotta try them again!