Friday, January 18, 2013


... preparing crudites ...
David is not sure he likes vegetables.

Well, I shouldn’t say that.

He is sure.

He doesn’t like vegetables.

Bonnie has been introducing crudités to him in the evenings – a small tray of vegetables and a side dish of Ranch Dressing, hoping that he will be taken in the fact that these are crudites, not vegetables. 

Bonnie was given a tip by a nutrition helper.

The helpful tip is that a child needs a vegetable introduced at least 17 times before he will know whether he really likes it or not.

... I was ready with the box of band aids for David ...
... which band aids it turns out were not needed ...
Bonnie takes on the task of incremental introductions to him – just small ones.

Just getting the vegetable to his lips, not past them, but just up to his lips can be part of the 17 introductions.

Putting the vegetable on his place, not eating it, just putting a portion close to the other food he is eating? That counts. Here you see he has the chance to cut vegetables up into small pieces, feeling them, enjoying the smell (or not enjoying the smell).

 ... Bonnie, giving herself the cold shoulder ...
Bonnie wasn’t able to do the cutting. Her job was to keep ice on the arm that she can’t move. She joins Wyona and Glen in the practise of using physio to strengthen muscles that have gone awry. I don’t know who will get the full rotation of their shoulders first – the three of them are about neck and neck right now.


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