Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rediscovering Poppy Seed Cake

I had a lovely evening at a potluck at the church last night in Salmon Arm.  The reason I took poppy seed cake was that I am still on my journey to cook up everything that is in Bonnie’s pantry, one item being a one pound plastic bottle of poppy seeds.  Having them disappear by using only two teaspoons of them on a spinach/strawberry salad is one of the slowest methods I can think of.  Poppy see cake is faster – which cake method includes soaking ½ a cup of poppy seeds in water for two hours before combining the ingredients.  I am on my second cake today. The one yesterday was finished off at the ward party.  Today’s cake is the treat for the weekly Saturday night party in the hot tub run by Bonnie in Janet’s or Moiya’s hot tub.  Last week’s party didn’t need refreshments. No one could pull themselves out of the hot tub, since laying there is still so delicious: the darkness, the stars, the quiet, then the train going by, then stillness again.



  1. Hope it was the poppyseed chiffon cake that I love so much. I also hope you didn't forget to put the cup of sugar in, since the reprint of the recipe in the I Love Homemaking recipe book somehow lost that ingredient. I will never forget making that cake for Rebecc's birthday. It was perfect. Until I tasted it and it had no sugar. Blech. I also remember Kelvin Sr. eating it anyway, putting some jam on top to give it that sweetness it needed.

  2. this one is my favourite too. i loved it EVEN when Mary did the version with no sugar! ahahah