Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yellow Card

 A yellow card?  Isn’t that the first warning that you get in volleyball?  The warning before you are removed from the game?  Kelvin and I got the yellow card from Bonnie this morning.  I was eating breakfast and he was asking me questions.  The next thing I knew she had a piece of paper and was writing in big letters making a sign for us.  This is what it said.

Wait to talk until:

1.      you are closer to the listener
2.      you see they are attending to you
3.      you can’t say “what” or “pardon me” until (1) and (2) are attended to.

I was laughing so hard I didn’t know what to do.  Kelvin was smiling because I couldn’t be stopped in my laughter.

Bonnie knew how to up the ante on me and grabbed the paper back, writing, “Advice to you, free – next time $125 per hour”.  The last time I heard her give that kind of advice it was at a
Salmon Arm Work Fair where she had a booth.  That time a passer-by came into her booth to say that he had a rock solid marriage of 50 years, but found that they were fighting now.  She said, I will give you some free advice.  Don’t talk to your wife when her back is turned to you.  Don’t talk to her when the water is running for older people can’t hear with that noise in the background.  These are tips that will vastly improve your marriage.  This is your free advice.  Any more will cost you $125 an hour.

Now Kelvin and I have been given the yellow card, which advice I am going to attend to.  I am not in the position to get a huge bill from her.


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