Friday, January 4, 2013

Valentine’s Day

When Christmas is over, I don’t mind closing down the festivities, taking down the decorations and packing them away for another year. My goal is to decorate simply again, but Bonnie reminded me that we have a little boy here and that he will be looking forward to the next holiday, which I thought would be Valentine’s Day.

So out came the gold hearts to hang on our up-side-down tree, the red pot pourri, the beaded jars, the scented pot-pouri sachets, and the red tear-drop crystals. I even have a picture frame which is the word LOVE in sparkling scarlet colours and a child’s face is peering out of the O in the picture – that child being David, so we must have had this decoration out last year and put his face in it.

As well, there is a miniature coffee table book entitled Love Makes the World Go Round. I began to teach David daily one-liners from the book, working up to the new holiday. Bonnie felt she had to ask me to teach him appropriate ones. I started with “Never forget, the greatest force on earth is love”. I found it ironic that the words were quoted by Nelson Rockefeller. Bonnie said, that is the kind of thing you have to quite bringing to the surface.

David said, Valentine’s Day is not the next holiday. The next holiday is the Visit of the Wise Men. Only a Catalan would remember that! I am on the search for 3 wise men before Jan 6th – ceramic of course, though I might think of a way to use David, Joaquim and Thomas. That would be fun.


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  1. Yes, get those 3 handsome men dressed up in robes over their winter jackets. Then go bearing gifts to Glen and Moiya. Naomi and Xavier were in our nativity pageant this year. And angel and a shepherd. Perhaps one of them will be a wise man next year.

    Cathy has the most beautiful new nativity set she got in Jerusalem carved from olive wood. The 3 wise men are spectacular. Carved from the same piece of wood. She also has three small jeweled containers with the three gifts they came bearing. Wish David were in Montreal to see them.