Sunday, January 27, 2013

Downton Abbey

Lurene has the DVD of Downton Abbey, Seasons I & 2.  Wyona and Charise watched the episodes over a two day period, taking their meals in front of the TV.  Bonnie and I did the same thing when we brought the disks out to Annis Bay – a whole weekend of non-stop TV watching.  We tried to figure out what the charm of the series is. 

The fantastic acting?  Just a flick of the head and a few rolls of the eye and Maggie Smith can get me laughing so hard. 

The setting?  Each room in the castle is such a joy to look at – the pictures on the walls, or looking at one of the 37 original clocks or the beaded pink lightshade in the library. 

The difference in class?  I like watching the people who live upstairs, so rich that they have someone else to dress them.  l like watching the work of the servants whose job it is to keep gracious living alive.  The historical skeleton the fiction relies on?  Is that what grabs me? We have gone from 1912 to 1920, now – through the sinking of the Titanic, events leading up to World War I and then past it, into the beginning of the suffragette movement and the Irish rebellion. 

Tonight?  The next episode of Season 3.  I will admit to having gone to the internet to find out what happens in this season.  I know all of the spoilers.  I just couldn’t help myself.


  1. Everyone I know is watching this series and loving it. Whether they are 25 or 90 (I have friends in both these categories who are watching), they just love, love, love it. Guess I better find someone who is done with their DVDs so I can start watching too.

  2. Or watch all three seasons plus the December 2012 special (all of which have aired in the UK) at the following link:

    It is TV for free and updated regularly. Ads do pop up but that is a matter of closing them. As well, take the time to look at which links load faster as you will get to see shows faster if you pick the right host (sockshare, vidxden, and vidbux all some good choices).

    You can thank me later....or now....whichever.