Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions - Arta

Bonnie and I began thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions a couple of weeks ago. I have been practising mine thinking that if I get the habit under my belt in 2012, then what can go wrong in 2013. Bonnie is scheduling – looking at her day timer the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning. At the most this could not take 10 minutes. Her resolution depends on finding those 10 minutes.

My resolution is to look at my financials, the cash account of which I keep track of in the back of my day planner, and see if I can transfer it to an Excel sheet that I downloaded from a Suze Orman site many years ago. It was a gift from her one year – for a week anyone who was taking money more seriously than they had in the past, could go there for a plan that could be refined to one’s own situation. I got that far – to the download, but eventually lost track of it amongst my other files, to have it never surface again. That is until I went to work one day with Bonnie last week. She had some 2012 work files to finish off.

I took some old USB keys to see what was stored on them. I have increments of 64 MB, 128 MB, 264 MB, 1 GB, 4GB – looks like every year I bought something with a little more power, but I am not getting that organized with knowing what is on them. That is until the fateful day last week when I had only those items to look at while I was at work with her. An historical treasure to be sure – fantastic pictures of trains at Field, B.C., share with me by Brian Key; a website I developed about the history and the route of the trans-Canada highway between Calgary and Annis Bay (which I only created, but didn’t put up on my account – duh!). As well, there were two years of memoir writing hanging out on those little keys, and that Suze Orman Financial Plan – oh blessed find on that one! Nothing like having the power to pick up on a past resolution and carrying it forward!

Resolutions. The word has taken a negative connotation over the years. Perhaps the question, and what are you going to do this year that is going to be fun for you would be a good substitute for the word resolutions. As I poll my friends, they have their specific ideas of what will be fun for them. Rebecca is going to enjoy the chaos of her life more. In her 2013 year, Wyona is going to work in more cruising. I remember last year, Marcia was going to take up the tap dancing classes of her youth again. I wish I knew if she got to find time for that. Hard for me not to find myself signing up to all of their good intentions. But I know to stay with just one – making that electronic file work for me. Geeky, I know, but a worthy challenge.


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