Friday, November 14, 2014

Catherine in London

I saw Billy Elliot last night.  Got the front row seats, but couldn't see the footwork very well so might go back again at a future visit to see it from a bit further back.  Really enjoyed the dancing.  Very cute kids in the lead roles and of course really emotive--loved the dark moments as much as the humorous parts. Favorite parts might have been the female duet when the dance teacher reads the letter from his mom, the dance by Billy Elliot when the riots are taking place, the ballet interlude when you see Billy Elliot as a child dancing with himself as an adult, and of course the final curtain call tap dancing finale.  Hard not to smile at that.


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  1. If I were there with you I would get a senior price for you and I. Take me with you next time. What you save on seats will pay for my ticket over and I will pay my way back.