Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trip Reflections

Santorini ... or ... Mykonos?
Moiya is doing the right thing.

After a glorious Shuswap sunset she goers to her own iPhotos and begins to sort through lovely days in the past.

Anyone who has been to Mykenos or Santorini will still feel the charm of the white walls, the spring sun sun and the miles of streets to walk when one has debarked.
David Wood, Arta Johnson, Margaret Oldham
I am always amazed at how a photo of the past can bring me right back to that place: -- the narrow, slanted streets, the buildings so close, the steep stairway behind us.

The lovely blue of the window and shutter on the left of the photo is replicated all through the town.

Thanks for the memories, Moiya.


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  1. Again, thanks for the memories. That holiday was the best ever. We were so fortunate to go when we did through the Suez Canal.