Friday, November 7, 2014

Voices from the past? Audio tapes of Doral Pilling

I got a wonderful treat in the mail today: a package with 10 audio CDs in it:  the archive tapes of Doral Pilling!


I tossed one of them into my machine (it is around the part where he just starts to talk about shuswap).


anyone who wants a copy, let me know.  I will look into duplication costs and we can split it!


  1. I would love copies. How unbelievably wonderful! I can't wait. I may have to come out to Victoria so I don't have to wait for them to come in the mail.

  2. I received a three minute audio clip of one of the tapes. I am sure Rebecca would forward it to anyone who writes to her and asks. Her email is

    I forwarded one to Bonnie Wyora. Then I asked her to call me back and tell me what was her favourite line.

    Hard to find a favourite line when the clip is so short. Take your choice. Is it the one about the hummingbirds dive-bombing Doral and Harold; is it the philosophical line about a drop of water at the Great Divide; is it his joy in his own journey through the Rockies; would a person choose the favourite line as being the one where Doral watches the tourists at the Spiral Tunnels.

    If you have 3 minutes, get that clip from Rebecca.

    I was surprised at the timbre of his voice. At first unrecognizable, then the prosody, the ups and downs. That is him speaking alright. Sometimes I look at his handwriting. He could write for pages -- no spelling mistakes, no crossing out words. I can't do that. I rely on cut and paste, and on spell check.


  3. Excited to listen to them as well.