Sunday, November 30, 2014

Post Football Treats - Alex the Bird Whisperer in Victoria

Yesterday, Alex's football team (Mt Doug Rams) won the semi-finals for high school football.

The game was played in Vancouver (at the UBC stadium), so they left at 930 to get to the ferry, with plans to return on the last ferry of the night.  

Unfortunately, the game was late in starting, and thus late in ending, and thus the whole team ended up having to stay in Vancouver for the night.  An adventure.  

Also an adventure because yesterday also marked the first snowfall of the year, so the ground was frozen and icy.  

Brutal to watch (even via the safety and warmth of our own house, watching it live-streamed on the internet).  

Indeed, Alex (sitting in the stands after it was done, watching Terry Fox [who beat them last year] get beat by the Sun Devil for the other semi-final game) was shaking sufficiently that the coaches, worried about hypothermia, sent him off to spend the rest of the time in the hot showers!)  :-)

When Steve got back this morning with Alex (after picking the boys up at the ferry this morning), they discovered a treat in the garage:  a bird.

It was a bit stunned (or tired). Alex was able to get it in hand (a bird in the hand, and all that).

Many worries about how to take care of this little thing (Steve wanting it outside, Alex still a bit frozen from the day before and wanting to hold it but INSIDE). 

All resolved by a couple of blankets for Alex, and some time.... and the bird was finally well enough to fly away again (after spending some good quality time with the bird whisperer!)


  1. This last picture is so close that I think I could identify the bird if I knew where my bird book was. The white stripe above the eye, the little pointed beak, the white chin markings, the grey breast. Anyone got a bird book close at hand?

  2. I love this post. Lucky Alex. I am so jealous. I adore birds but have only ever had a wild chickadee land ever so briefly on my hand to grab a seed.

    Alex, do you remember the giant moth you found at the lake that one time? I think it was bigger than this bird. All hail Mothra!!