Friday, November 14, 2014

Fun on the Strand and Tottenham Court Road


When Wyona heard you were in London, she gave me a message to send to you, since she and Greg just came home from there in October.  Greg went to more shows than she did.  He saw Forbidden Broadway first, a show that mocks all of the other musicals.  So he went to see all of the musicals that were mocked so he could further understand Forbidden Broadway.  She says to see it the last day of your trip if it is still running.  Other than that, here is her list of must sees.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Matilda -- not cheap.  You might get a balcony seat if you are with another person.

Squeeze over in that balcony for at one point the spotlight comes on it and 6 other singers have slipped in there with you for one of their parts.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Just fabulous, she says.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  Don't miss it.

Once.  Now I think you saw once in NY, didn't you.  But once may not be enough to see Once.  It is on Tottenham Court Road.


Les Mis.  Just pay the 65 pounds, get a seat front and centre.  This will be a better and cheaper show than the one Wyona saw in Ottawa.  She has been known to just get a ticket and go to this one by herself in London. Or she might get it ahead and then give it to one of her guests.  Just see this show.

Book of Mormon: the musical.  Skip it, she says.  Just loud and vulgar.

And that was the message I got on the phone -- from her to you.



  1. Don't forget Miss Saigon. Full of adult themes and a helicopter cab appears on stage during one scene. You will have to pay full price for tickets but the musical score is just stunning.

  2. Oh yes, Miss Saigon. Get a 45 pound seat on the side or get the expensive one. Fabulous music. Written by Bloublil...same guy as Les Miserables.