Monday, November 10, 2014

Doral Pilling's Life Story - on dropbox and available to all.

Well, the tapes arrived, and Steve spent a morning ripping them (why is it 'ripping' to make a copy rather than 'shredding' or 'chopping' or 'dicing'?).

Then we figured out how to upload them to dropbox, and make a shared file.


Anyone who wants access to the dropbox, just say.  it is free!  My view is that anyone who wants access can have it! (there is no copy costs, no shipping costs... ah the joys of the internet!)

If you want a copy, just email me at:, and give me the email address that you like to use (i.e. you might prefer to use a personal email address rather than a work address), and I will invite you.

If you already have dropbox installed on your computer, it will just show up as a folder.  If you don't have dropbox yet, it will ask you if you want to install.  If you do, both you and i will get a little extra storage room.  If not, i think you can still access it without installing.  Your choice either way!  :-)

I have also started an "index" file in the folder:  it tells you roughly where each tape starts in the written copy of Doral's book.  That way, you can more easily listen to the tapes to find passages you particularly love.  How fun it was last night (while uploading the files) to listen to Doral talk about courting Wyora!

There are 10 files there, in two formats:  MWA and MP3.   The MP3 version is compressed, so of a bit lower quality, but easier to play on an iPod.

there you go!

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  1. I have gone out a number of times to listen to Doral. It makes me cry. I want he and Wyora back.