Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Note from Moiya

Hi from Moiya

It is a good morning and we got to May’s house late last night after stopping at Charise, Zoe & Tonia’s house where we are always greeted so kindly.

We left our carry-on suitcase there earlier in the day when we arrived there from Lethbridge.  There we used the freezer space of their 2 fridges to keep some of the things we are taking back home on Monday.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

It was there that we changed to go to Cheryl Cody’s funeral.  All of her family spoke.  Ken, not a member of the church, gave the BEST talk at a funeral that I have ever heard. 

He spoke of the Strength, not the devastation caused to a family going throughout the care of a loved one who has ALS.     May, Judy Takahashi, and Iris Walker Talbot sang the most beautiful number ever.  

So we say good-bye to a beautiful friend and now get to go to the blessing of a new sweet baby boy, EZRA, on Sunday. One leaving this world and another entering this world to experience so many lovely things here.

Darla & Don were at the funeral and Darla was walking with a big white Crutch.  Does anyone know why?

It will be nice to see three of our children, spouses, and the grandchildren today and tomorrow at Matt and Stacey’s house.

Then we are on our way back to the Shuswap.



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