Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Election Watching

We had a party that was short and sweet last night over the election.

First we saw Atlantic Canada go Liberal, but who knew that the rest of Canada would follow.  That is  follow right up to this little island where people think a different way about land, air and water.

A little NDP island and then when the 3-D image was done of how people will sit in the parliament, Rebecca had to laugh at the little Green Box right up by the speaker, the one that represents Elizabeth May.

I have to say one thing about being represented by her -- just about everyone in Canada knows her name.  Now there is a politician for you.  She swept her riding with good reason.

We didn't order in drinks or pizza or snacks.  The whole thing went by too fast.

Really?  Did anyone see this coming.

And now can the bad parts of the past be undone?  Or at least can we move forward.

Here's hoping.

On this note of being a Canadian, do you know whose face is on othe $5 bill.  If you don't, never give a bill of yours to Doral, for he often says he won't give it back unless you can name whose face is on the bill.

I was reminded of this last night in Justin Trudeau's speech.  Do you remember the words "Sunny" that Trudeau had picked up from a speech given by Sir Wilfred Laurier?

Well, there I have given it away -- at least whose face is on the bill.  And here is to sunny days ahead.


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