Friday, October 30, 2015

Yoshi (David)

Can you remember any costumes you wore for Halloween as a youth?

This is David's 9th Halloween. He received a spider costume from Dana and Pat and wore it at 11 months of age. He has also been a mouse, a caterpillar, a Jedi, and a Plants versus Zombies Pea Shooter ...

This year David decided he wanted to be Yoshi. I had to do some research. A green dinosaur from the Mario Brothers video game.

Equipment used:

- cardboard from the recycle bin
- one black sharpie
- one blue sharpie
- $2.00 orange and green vest from thrift store
- 2 repurposed shirts from Great Uncle Dave
- $1.25 football jersey from a different thrift store
- left over boning from Desiree's graduation dress
- orange thread donated by Great Aunt Moiya
- white batting
- red and black felt
- green garden gloves on loan from Great Uncle Dave
- green baseball cap (in exchange for $1.00 RCMP hat bought at a thrift store)
- glue sticks and glue gun and expertise with Glue Gun (Moiya Wood)
- fitting and sewing done by Moiya Wood

Three hours, three adults, and one determined 10 year old and Voila! David was in full costume and was jumping around, trying out poses,  and laughing.

Yoshi is minimally verbal.  He says "Yoshi" or "Nintendo" and in a high pitched voice. David practices this.
If you had an audio of our work together you would have heard lots of laughs, lots of cooperative problem solving, a few shrieks of surprise (when running past automated witch decoration in basement), and a few yelps from the sting of hot glue on finger tips.

David got one practice run at Trick or Treating as we were leaving at 9pm. He was given some chocolate eggs for singing a song upon request.  His choice was "Oh Canada".

For free he got to hear Moyia sing a song about a ghost and can you guess what word it ended with just as it has lulled you into deep relaxation?

Bonnie Wyora Johnson


  1. David? The start of this post asked if anyone can remember the costumes they wore during Halloween. I was dressed up as a sailor from the Canadian Navy, since my uncle was a sailor in the Canadian navy and my mother had part of his uniform. I call that a boring costume when put up against the one you had.

    A big wow to the seamstresses and also to you, for I am sure you had to keep coaching them as to how their work was coming along, needing it to get as close to perfection as I am sure you wanted it.

    This costume can hardly be topped!


  2. I also wanted to say that the first picture in this blog really captured the movement and size of Yoshi. Just love it that you will be able to wear this costume a few more times -- like maybe if you ever get to tend other people's kids. Imagine how anyone would love to have their baby sitter come dressed like Yosh!

    Just an idea.