Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Where did all those eggs come from?

Rhiannon and Naomi are the proud owners of veiled chameleons.  Naomi's is a male and named Dill Pickle.  Rhiannon's is a female and named Clover.

Mature chameleons don't like to live together, so the two of them don't spend time together. 

Recently we noticed that Clover was gravid (that means carrying eggs).  We made sure her tank had lots of dirt in it so she could dig a hole to lay them.  After much anticipation, the day came.  We dug them up to incubate them (even though we are pretty sure they are not fertilized given that the two chamelons don't live together).  Imagine our surprise when we found 14 eggs.

It is hard to believe that all those eggs fit inside her.


  1. I am thunderstruck. When I was young they used to sell chamelons at the Calgary Stampede and you could take one home for a pet. I didn't ever get to buy one. I don't think I wanted one. I was just surprised at their colour changes.

    Yours is the House of Unusual Pet Choices.



  2. Wow. 14 eggs. That is amazing! What will you do with them if they hatch? Will you keep them all or sell them? If you keep them, how many new tanks will you need to buy?