Saturday, October 24, 2015

London -- "Fa in the building"

I have been awake since 6:30 a.m. so opened my computer to do a little chatting. 

We're not that awake says Greg as he rolls out of bed. 

Our hotel is farther out than we usually stay. We are off the book map, two metro stops past Notting Hill. However it is a nice hotel, good bed, small room, nice bathroom, though we can't afford the twenty dollar breakfast. Security is tight.  You need your room card to make the elevator go. Twice we have heard the alarm and an announcement "Fa is in the building". Now Greg told me they are saying 'Fire is in the building'. Anyway... who cares ... maybe it is a fire drill. I thought 'Fa' was an intruder.

Our room is inside with a window over the entry. So it is good and dark in here and quiet and that is why Greg sleeps longer. 

Off to Portobello today and then to get tickets at Coliseum for Barber of Seville tonight. The senior prices have been changed. They are half price no, half of one hundred instead of 20 pounds. 

Last night we went to La Boheme. It was so excellent! The conductor was so fabulous, all of 4'7'', Chinese but could she make the orchestra work. Xian Zhang "..conducts a full-on, passionate account of the score, though hampered by..."

The story is moved from 1880's to 1990's in a big city to a druggy, contemporary setting. There is terrific acting and singing.

I had to hand my Kleenex over to Greg at point because he needed it. I used all my Kleenex. I went to the washroom after and my lips were red and puffy, my eyes were puffy. It is showing two more times while we are here. I have to go back. I have seen La Boheme before but this was fabulous, once you got over the druggie setting.

Hope to see Barbar of Seville tonight.



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