Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bathtub Box

We are working on a bathroom renovation.  Our new bathtub came with an extremely awesome box.  Rhiannon spent several hours decorating the inside with felts, and filling it with blankets and stuffed animals.  It has 4 windows and a door.  We ended up tying to of the windows up so she could get some light and ventilation in there.


  1. Fantastic house! Loved shot number 3 where I could get right inside of the house myself.

    And the peace sign in picture #1! Thanks for letting your mom show us what you are about when it comes to using up the extra materials from the renovations.

    This box looks like it might last through rain, wind and snow. Who knows it might be added in to the Halloween decorations which will probably be the next thing on your front lawn.

    Loved looking at the stuffies that made their way out ito the house as well.

    How hard was it to cut out the windows and the doors? Did you have to draw them on and then cut through the lines or was it just a free from architectural set of ideas?

    Have you invited any of your friends over?

    I suppose it is too cold for a sleep-out in your house. What a summer idea that would have been!



  2. Rhiannon, David was in a club called Beavers when he was in Kindergarten. (part of Scouts Canada). They have an annual sleepover, where you sleep in a fort you make out of a box. He has a badge sewn onto a blanket to show he "completed that event". I slept beside him. We were in a gym, so the box didn't have to protect him from the weather. Will you try sleeping out in your box?