Friday, October 16, 2015

A Provincial Leap -- Alberta to British Columbia

View of reservoir and mountains from Glenmore Carewest
I have a new hip.

I have gone from a major operation in the South Campus Hospital to the Sarcee Rehabilitation Unit and then over to the Glenmore Rehabilitation Unit.

could the alberta skies have been bluer?!
With her usual energy and while visiting me there, Rebecca offered to do a Thelma and Louise trip with me -- one that would end up in Victoria, rather than the more final ending that the movie takes.

We did the trip in two days.  

fall colour on the mountains
On the first day, I had the pleasure of an eight hour drive from Calgary to Sicamous.  

Canmore was as glorious as ever.  The sky was an incredible blue.
the view from mcDonalds?!

Field was also beautiful.  The water was so low in the kicking horse river that you could pretty much walk across.

We arrived in Sicamous to a surprise dinner party.
the party crew

roadtrip selfie

In the morning, we drove down to the beach for a look at the october horizon, and then headed back out on the road. 

I had the joy, again, of the drive through the Rockies, and then the drive to the coast.  A more misty day, but equally beautiful.  Each curve of the road offered a vista worthy of a photo.  

J's cafe no longer in Hope, BC?!

Rebecca had promised me a trip to the most wonderful diner in Hope BC.  After circling around and around and not finding it, a local truck stop confirmed what she had begun to suspect:  it had closed down!

We continued on our way to the ferry terminal, and then the ferry.

I didn't know that the ferry has a full dinner buffet -- a table for two near the window and so much food that we didn't even get close to the dessert table.
view from the ferry

The view out of the ferry windows trumped food for me.

For the last few days the weather has been spectacular -- for an Albertan.  I am getting some sun on my shoulders and having safe walks up and down San Lorenzo Avenue.  I take a walker with me in case I need to sit down, but that isn't working out.  When I pause to rest, someone driving by always stops to ask if I am alright or if I need help.

the view from Willows Beach
Does the aging population in Victoria never stop and rest -- but like the Energizer Bunny, just keep going?

I will take shorter walks more often,  though that being said, it is hardly possible when the walking weather is perfect.

It is a thrill to have both feeet under me again and the power to take these leisurely walks in the sun.


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  1. Stunning photos. Your text and pictures swept me back into memories of taking the same journey many times. Even though I live in BC, the post made me breath in deeply to see if I could smell the clean air at each of your stops.