Monday, February 22, 2016

Chinese New Year a la Hebe

I have always loved Chinese New Year.

Perhaps because it can be conjoined with my own love of Chinese food.

But still, what celebration can be as good as one that involves giving money, one that involves drums and a Chinese dragon, and one that involves streamers and dancers.

Perhaps I get Chinese New Year mixed up with my love of food, Chinese food.

Even the regular supermarkets in Victoria celebrate the new year with decorations along their ceilings, and with bringing out foods on the display isles that I don't see during the regular parts of the year.

Even rice becomes a feature with bags of it along the isles, all at a saving of some sort.

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Am I the only one who loves to linger at the bok choi.

Or who gets a heady feeling when the chui choy is in my hands and I can imagine chopping it up and adding it to a chow mein.


A trip to China town and a chance to walk up and down the isles of the stores, look at the tea pots, touch the decorated pottery, look at the jade, see if there is a stand on which to put a small jar or a decorated tin of tin. Yes to happiness that Chinese New Year is here again.


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