Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Best Part of My Day

 ... the hedge at the bus stop ...
What was the best part of your day, Rebecca asked last night.

The moment I stopped to really look at this hedge, to see the red of the blooms, a massive profusion of blossoms for a whole block. That was the best part of my day.

Also in the running was walking by the Gorge Cannibus Dispensary.  I had to read the sign twice and then I looked around at the people hanging outside of its doors, or preparing to go in.  At home Rebecca told me that the police have a policy of just leaving it alone until the law sorts out what is going to happen on this front.

Next might be the fact that I took three buses to get to the BC Victoria Transit Lost and Found where the scarf I had lost was waiting for me.   Taking 3 buses to go somewhere really means I can get around in Victoria.  Do you know when a scarf becomes my very favorite scarf?  It is the minute I loose it.  Tens of scarves, even hundreds of scarves, and it is the lost one that I long for.

Earlier in the morning I took the transit to get some drugs at the pharmacy and made a short trip to the CIBC in another spot.  Seven different buses.  Now that is mobility!


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