Thursday, February 25, 2016

Country Seed Bread -- 3 loaves still

keep out of dog's reach
Ours is not the only house with a dog that steals bread when it is left on the counter.  But enough was enough last week.  It was Rebecca and I who only pushed the loaf half way back on the counter earlier this week.  I thought Alex had been home when I saw half a loaf was gone.  But the dog was hiding, and no one else had been home.
... my style of barricade ...
This is why I put a sign on the bread today, as well as built a barricade out of my bread pans in case she tried to jump up to get it, as she has in the past.

This is the best bread in the world, Alex told me as he was eating some for dinner:  some with honey on it, some along side the sausages he had cooked, some along with the tortillini and some with cheese.  "Could you give the recipe to my mother?"

That phrase made me laugh.  Yes, I will give the recipe to everyone.



  1. This made me laugh really hard. Ours is also a home with a canine bread stealer.

    The dog we are currently fostering until a permanent home can be found for him has a "thing" for lip balm. If there is lip balm to be found in the house, he will find it, chew it until the lid pops off or comes unscrewed, then eat the lip balm. He has even gone into Naomi's backpack and stolen the lip balm out of there. He does the same with toothpaste, medicated ointments, anything in plastic that has some kind of nasty goo inside. He is a weird, weird creature.

  2. Maddening when I bake and then the dog gets to eat before the family.

    Kiwi has a reputation for taking food and eating it on Duncan's bed. Then it looks like Duncan has been thieving, not the dog. Around here they have to smell the dog's breath to figure out who is responsible for purloined food.

    It is not that the dog loves Duncan. It is just that Duncan has a warm fuzzy blanket on the top of his bed, one that a dog would like to lie on.

    As for the new dog at your house, good luck at keeping everything high enough that you can save the dog's life. Yowza to a dog with a special appetite!