Friday, February 5, 2016

Water in the Microwave

Steve asked what water was doing in a measuring cup in the microwave. I had warmed the two cups of water o add it to the yeast and other water that was proofing. Too bad I forgot to put in those last 2 cups. That was the reason that my batch of bread was smaller than usual.

There are so many ways to forget to get ingredients into a recipe.

I bought a jalapeno pepper expressly for the purpoase of adding it to a Thai Cucumber Salad that I have come to love. I even got the hot pepper out of the crisper and onto the counter to be cut.  I found it long after the salad was eaten, still in its position near the knife.

I have looked at brownie batter and thought, “What is going on with these ingredients; they are so thick.” The idea that the melted butter for the recipe was still in the microwave, never passed through my mind until I found it long after I had put the brownies in the oven.

I do not think missing some ingredients is a problem of age, but one of mutli-tasking. Did I put the salt in this recipe or not, I think, after 1,000 other thoughts have gone through my head.  But now I have no way to test the measuring spoon it should have gone in, for it has measured spices and oil besides.  I would not be able to tell if some salt was lingering there.

A miracle when the food is prepared just right.

 That is, if it has over 5 ingredients.

 I can get that far and still remember.


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