Saturday, February 13, 2016


Friday night Duncan called to see why no one was home.

Yes, 7 pm Friday is late for everyone to still be at work, so we gathered up our materials and headed for home – or at least to pick him up and go to Tsukino-con 2016 at the University of Victoria campus.

As we walked into the campus from the parking lot Duncan was 10 metres ahead of us, all of the way.

He has been to this conference in previous years and I know that feeling -- hurrying ahead to go to something that was good in the pasgt.

Rebecca’s faculty card gave us entrance to the Artists Alley and the Vendors Hall. The merchants were selling tsukino items: pins, posters, calendars, badges, wallets, knives, stuffies, costumes – all of us had a chance to buy all of the merchanize our wallets could afford. A person has to have interest in anime for interest in this conference. I was agog looking at the costuming of the participants: the women dressed to the nine’s, the men as well. Everyone wigged, in leotards, cloaks, lacey dresses – the merchants and the participants. I came home to look at the online programme to see if I wanted to go to the conference for the day. Rebecca convinced me that my shallow knowledge base would not make this the place for me to be for the weekend. She bought a lovely bag to carry her law books in. Duncan bought some gifts and a picture for himself.  With some training, I might like anime.


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