Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Walking to Class

... putting down the umbrella to take a pic ...
Rebecca walked to class this morning while the sun was still shining.

I saw the dark clouds begin to gather and by time I was ready to walk to class, the raining was falling.

Rivulets of water were along the road and I side stepped the ones I could and walked through the narrowest places when it was impossible to miss the water.
... having to get closer ...

I went without the walker, since it seemed like too much to push it and hold an umbrella. 

When I got to the corner of the university and began to cut through on the asphalt path I noticed that it was built on a slant so that the water would always be running off of it.

When I cross over a small stream, I had a flashback to streams of that size in London.

I would stop when I was there to take a picture to remind me of that place. I wished that I could do that again, but the umbrella in one hand and the camera in another seemed like too much to manage.
... me and my umbrella ...

The walk home was gentler. The rain had stopped. I still carried the umbrella but this time it was closed.

I stopped along the way to see the cherry trees breaking into blossom and had to stop and take pictures of flowers on a low bush that were just too much for me to pass by.

A beautiful world here, when it rains.


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