Friday, December 22, 2017

Holiday Inn - fun, fun, fun

Holiday Inn
Broadway Special in HD
The Latin Quarter is where the theatre is situated that broadcast the Broadway Special of Holiday Inn

Actually there are a number of theatres there -- Eric told me, Montreal's equivalent of Broadway or West End.

We got off the metro at UQAM where I was told that UQAM is not a French word -- it stands for University of Quebec at Montreal. 

We walked past the provincial library, another surprise to me.

There  weren't just the 7 of us going to the theatre, but our neighbour hood children, Lulu and Tobani, joined us.

There were only 7 other people in the theatre.

I added some cans of pop to my treat back which was already full from a trip down the candy isle at the dollar store.  I even found a chocolate bar named Grouchy, for anyone who wasn't enjoying the family outing.

Hebe got a running commentary from her mom to keep the story straight.  And the night before, Catherine and Hebe had gone out to utube to see some of the dance numbers, plus a tour of backstage to see where the props were kept in such a small theatre.

We heard 20 of Irving Berlin's songs.  That was a gift.

The three that were familiar to the kids were "I'm Dreaming of White Christmas", "Blue Skies", and "Happy Holidays", though most of us could only sing happy holidays over and over when we tried to remember that song.

I came out of the theatre thinking I could tap dance.
This was already broadcast on PBS.  We aren't a PBS household so we enjoyed the show on the big screen with drinks, popcorn, candy and lots of room, though we all choose to sit in the same row.

The Guardian gave a luke warm review.

But we had fun!


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