Saturday, December 9, 2017

RX - aqua size, a prescription for good health

Friday is acqua size at the Outrement swimming pool. Choose either the warm pool where the exercise is easier or choose the cold pool where heart rates can go up to its maximum number of beats for good health. Catherine and I are the last ones in the pool. Read, we are always 10 minutes late.

Today we were 20 minutes late and Catherine asked, "Is the exercise really worth it when we are this late?"

I can be on time.

Catherine can be on time.

What holds us up is that along the way to swim we have to drop Hebe off at school. She is not anxious to go. Catherine has to dress her in the morning, give her breakfast, and then Hebe goes back to lay on her bed. When it is time to go out the door, Catherine has to put on Hebe's boots, find her gloves, pull her monster hat down over her ears, zipper up her ski jacket and then listen to her say, "How dare you forget my homework."

And then we have family prayer. Of the 7 of us there, three are prostrate (still lying in bed) and 3 are on their knees (Eric, Catherine and me). Hebe gets to say the prayer. She leans against her mother and repeats the words told to her, with a few additions.

One of them is about the brains of her grandmother (still the stupidest woman ever and she adds something about her father, too, so I do not feel singled out). I am glad I am leaning on a bed with my forearms, since my whole body is shaking with such laughter.  I am careful not to let one sound bite come out of my mouth.  But I can't get  up,  until I can control the shaking of my body.  Someone asks me if I am alright.

Hebe, Catherine and I finally get in the car.

All the way to school Hebe is saying, "I am not going to school today."

When we get to school she lags behind her mother as they walk past the automatic double doors and into the rotunda of the school.  We are so late that the woman who is there to check off the names of the children in each classroom is not in the hall anymore.

Catherine and I watch Hebe's back as she slowly walks straight ahead and into her classroom.

A lonely looking little figure.  Her snow pants which were over her arm are now dragging on the floor and the weight of her back back is almost overwhelming to her shoulders.


 Swim class.

 The best day ever.


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