Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Four Foot High Package

Eric arrived home at 6 pm, with a four foot brown paper wrapped package, and then plastic wrapped around that package.  He had been running.

At first I thought he was bringing home the stuffie that he always makes sure Hebe gets every year.

Every year, bigger and better.

Last year it was a brown dog that stretches across the foot of a bed – really a dog that needs a house of its own.

Since Hebe was in the room, I doubted that this was her gift for the year, 23 days early, though it had the size for it.

I guessed flowers, since I said, “Oh no, flowers.”

I wish the idea of wasting money wasn’t associated with this for me.

And Catie guessed, not just flowers, a poinsettia.

I thought no, too tall.

But when the wrapping came off and the branches relaxes the true size of the poinsettia was there for me to see.


I asked Catherine how often Eric does this for it happened when I was here a few weeks ago, and now this new burst of beauty.

She laughed and said, I think you have been here are both occasions this year.


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