Saturday, December 9, 2017

Loving Vincent ... a movie not to miss

Surrounding myself with Vincent for the week...
I headed off tonight to see "Loving Vincent" at the University Theatre.   Wow.

It is a feature length film, something of a 'mystery', as a young man attempts (a year after Van Gogh's death) to deliver a letter written by the artist to his brother Theo.

It is animated, done totally in the style of Van Gogh, using 65,000 hand-painted oil paintings

Here is the trailer.

Here is a newspaper article with a bit more detail on the film.

It was exquisite.  It was like occupying the world of Van Gogh's paintings (i think they said there are something like 180 of his originals that show up in the film.  The film is populated by characters from his paintings.   Years back, in one of my fits of pedagogical weirdness, I had been channelling arta by putting prints up on the walls and then trying to bribe the kids into learning the names.   Van Gogh had been up there.   And so it felt so INTIMATE watching the movie (like it was full of scenes and people I already knew).

The movie is so beautiful, though I also came home feeling so sad.   So... i pulled the Van Gogh prints off the shelf, and put them back up on the walls for the rest of the week.

I might see if I can catch the last showing again tomorrow.

If you get a chance to see this film, TAKE IT!

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  1. I will be watching for the film. I missed it when it came to the regular theatres. With good luck it will return again.

    I found some socks for Thomas at the Bay. The scene on the socks is Starry Night, if anyone is looking for a useful Van Gogh present for a man.