Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Walking in Monreal

... Montreal's Coference Centre

once Mary gets off of the Metro she is so
hot she has to take off her coat, even if it
is -20 outside.
I haven't walked, seriously walked, for a couple of days now.  

Catherine and Mary offered to walk me through the indoor malls that are connected to the subway today.

I knew I needed to go and they knew that I needed a bit of a push out the door.

Naomi came along, just in case our walking might take us into stores where she could shop.

As well, I needed to go back to the movie theatre, having left my toque there while watching Star Wars, Episode VII, the Last Jedi last night.  Twelve of us were involved in the excursion -- all of us onto the subway, up three long fights of escalators in the theatre, through the popcorn concession and into the seats we had purchased online.  Eric was able to come with us.  He can control his motion sickness if he gets a seat in the very back of the theatre, and takes a Gravol.  

But today's trip to the theatre was to look through their Lost and Found.  

"I would like to say that we donate all of these items to the homeless shelter, what is not picked up.  But I have to say, we just throw it away," said the attendant helping us.  

Catherine and I sorted through 6 large boxes of lost items.  I found myself picking out the best of the scarves and folding them.  Just an impulse I can't control.

Not finding my toque, the attendant told us to go into the theatre and look for it there.  "Just be discreet if the movie is rolling," he said.  We went right to the spot where we had sat, and there was the toque.

Just loved it, though getting there had cost us the return price of four tickets on the subway -- enough to have purchased an even better toque.


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