Friday, December 1, 2017

The Best Part of My Day

Half way through the deep water exercise today, I knew that I am going to sign up for more swimming when I get back to Calgary. I was thinking about this as we were working on the core muscles, and as the instructor was demonstrating that we should tighten up the muscles in our stomach and put our shoulders back. My breathing felt as though it was going so deep into my lungs.

Catherine and I were laughing equally hard at some of the exercises we were doing. With two dumbbells in my hands, and then trying to use my legs to go from one side of the pool to the other, all I could do is stay stationary. And when we would touch our heels and then our toes, alternating, we kept moving backwards in the pool.

One lady came over to have a conversation with Catherine. She had been looking at us for a while. I saw Catherine laughing and then saying, “Yes she is my mother.” The lady was telling Catherine that the two of us look exactly alike. Both of us had a good stare at each other, me seeing a younger version of me, and her seeing what things might look like if she lives another 30 years.

I first learned about this cream
when Greg Bates's doctor recommended
it to him as one of the finest creams around.

Best Price?
I have been babied, both by Mary and by Catherine. I was noticing that agin today, for in the shower room, Catherine was making sure I had CeraVe cream for my legs, face cream for my face, shampoo, and then conditioner. She takes my clothes and gets them in and out of the locker. Having her there is like having a private maid.

We both agreed that the CeraVe takes care of skin in a way that no other cream does.

Catherine said she recommends it to all of her patients who ask. 

She said it is too expensive for some.

I was reminded again of gifts of privilege.

When I was thinking of the best part of my day, I think it was that moment in the pool when I realized how wonderful it feels to work extra muscles.

Such a gift.

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