Saturday, October 22, 2011

Amazing Barcelona

An Amazing Day from Mary
October 22, 2011

What was amazing today?  The landscape. I am not used to seeing ground that is so dry.  The beautiful trees are not familiar to me.   

The buildings?  I saw Gaudi, live.  Amazing ways of bringing the old architecture together with the new and --, amazing how the new references the old.   

The Hop On – Hop Off bus is the best way to see all of the different quarters of the city.  I wouldn’t have seen the more modern parts of Barcelona if I hadn’t gone on that bus.  

 Seeing the Roman ruins, built over 1000 years ago and still standing, that is amazing from the point of view of municipal infrastructure planning.  There is only one word for it.  An amazing day.

An Amazing Day from Arta

Mary and I passed by several gelato stores before she stopped at one that delivered a cone to her – the gelato, shaped in the form of a rose – the centre, mango, and the petals, pistachio. 

We saw a charming performance by a living statue dressed as the Mad Hatter, pouring out tea and dressed in impeccable Alice in Wonderland fashion.  We circled the Sagrada Familia and observed it from the outside – every face in a different style, the cool sleek lines of the west side and the traditional figures in the Nativity Scene of the East Side.  And the tree of life?  Seeing is believing – those green branches with doves sitting on them.

All of this, and jet-lack casting its shadow over us, between bus-stops at one of which we hopped out and took a long walk through Park Guell.
The fun continues.



  1. I did not know Mary was coming to join you. So fun! Have an amazing time!

  2. Will you get another day in Barcelona at the end? if you do, you must go IN the Sagrada Familia (my favourite church in the entire world). I am SO happy you are on this trip, Mary!