Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Bates-Treleaven Summer Fun.

There is nothing better than a Grandma's scarf! I have always said, and I re-iterate. The mother never gets a holiday at the lake until their youngest is 3. Those cute but insecure toddlers stick right by their mother's side in a large an unfamiliar "cabin" with so much space and so many people. I am going to modify that a bit... when they are 2 - 3/4, they will leave their mother's legs. Which means, I had a holiday this summer. Audra wouldn't care where I was. She even wandered over to Glen and Janet's sometimes, I guess she lived by the rule "Mi casa, su casa".


  1. Dear Audra,

    How many scarves do you want Grandma Wyona to bring you home from London and the Mediterranean?


    Grandma's travelling companion and conscience

  2. The cutest picture ever. Good point about being freer. The problem now is that you have to teach them to check in before they wandering off.

  3. No scarves from London for Audra, please. She will just borrow them from Wyona's collection. And yes, some kids feel too free at the lake... actually, some kids make a life time of wandering. It is nice to be free.