Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Frost

The long awaited first frost has come, and hence the apple picking has begun. David's tree yeilded 9 apples (plus the one that the deer tried and rejected makes 10). His tree is a Liberty Apple. According to Orange Pippin, it is a modern American variety developed for disease resistence. I agree with their description that it has
... red skin and juicy flesh. The flavor is well balanced, perhaps sharper than many of the Mac-related varieties but still with the characteristic vinous note

When looking for an explanation of what `vinous` meant, I found Adam`s Apples website. In short, vinous means it shares the `depth and complexity`found in some wines. And for the non-wine drinkers, I would say that means the flavour is strong without being overpowering, and like a delicous chocolate filling, it keeps you coming back for more to see if the fondant maker really added two or three flavours or if that is just in you imagination.

Glen claims there will be no wide-scale apple picking for him this year. Rather, he plans to enjoy an apple directly from the branches of the many trees to chose from at Larch Haven, when the desire strikes. Those of us who are only on our third apple season at Annis Bay are trying to leave some on every tree which means curbing the desire to strip the trees bare.

We are in apple heaven!

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  1. ah sweet apples! in celebration of your post, i just went out and got a bag of apples, which have now been chopped, and mixed in with both a bunch of celery, and a small head of fennel.... lemon mustard vinagrette, and i am in heaven! oh thank you NYTimes list of 100 salads!