Monday, October 10, 2011

Breakfast at Cuatro Naciones

... early morning light comes to La Rambla ...
The breakfast room has a balcony that overlooks La Rambla.

The street that was so crowded last night is deserted, except for a few early morning walkers.

Some are school children skipping off to school.

I saw one of the street people checking the telephone booths for change left there the night before.
street parking for motorcycles beneath the breakfast balcony
Greg hurried back to the room to get our cameras for I could remember that light comes quickly in Spain.

There is only about five minutes between dark and light, and it is that five minutes that we stood out on the balcony, all three of us, thinking of how we would take the route downhill to catch our bus to the ship.

Looking down from the balcony, there were the motor bikes, already parked in front of the hotel.
Greg and  Wyona at breakfast

We will be back to this breakfast room in 12 days, for we sleep here again between cruises.

We could hear the night crowd walking La Rambla as we drifed off to sleep last night. This morning it is quiet, the revelry long left behind by the tourists. The morning in our room might be the most fun -- the three of us rehearsing to one another what we really loved about the day before. Greg said he saw the best costume in his whole life on one of the living statues that we passed on the walk last night -- a lizard like creature that he said he would not want to meet in a back alley. As well there was a silver-clad stationary bicyclist who pedaled for all he was worth when someone dropped money in the container at his feet.

I was wishing I had a small pocket camera last night, for we saw so many good shots along the walk -- the sunset on the Spanish hills, the glass windows of the stunning new leisure centre, reflected in the harbor.

Good-bye from us ... for now.



  1. Wonderful to see my parents spending my inheritance through travel! Keep going! Love the scooters in the picture and I have always wanted to zoom around Europe in a scooter. Have an amazing time!

  2. Fazeela and I were just wondering where you are now - and now I know. Have a wonderful cruise! Keep blogging so we can enjoy your trip vicariously!