Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Merengue

The Merengue
The dance classes are going to be fun – one every afternoon, starting with today’s meringue, a hot Latin American dance I have never done. “Men, you always start with the left foot. That will make this dance easier for you, if you know you never have to change feet. Always start with the left.” Women, always start with the right. Women do you know why you always start with the right? Yes, so thing will work out with your partner who is always starting with the left food. And besides that, you are always, right, so that he your way to remember.” “Men, she is to do a closed turn. Hold your elbow up and out of the way or you will break her nose.” “Ladies, he is not to twist your fingers as you do the turn. You are to smoothly caress the inside of his hand with yours as you turn around.” “Not so close men. Save the coochie for another kind of dance. We have to be separated here.”
Her directions came over her microphone, first in English and then in Spanish. The Colony Room was packed and she held us all. "Partner up and go to the outside of the room if you can find someone to dance with. You will all move to your left. The singles can dance in the middle and they can move any way they wish.”

I wish I would have had time for more of the dance classes. I laughed more than I danced.


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