Monday, October 10, 2011

Hotel Decor

Joseph Smith ... or Chopin
"Did you see the picture of Joseph Smith in the room next door?" Greg asked as we ate breakfast together.

Wyona and I took the bait and went next door to the picture he was alluding to ... and really, though the resemblance was there, it was Chopin on the wall.

And yes, there was a resemblance at least in the fashionable stance of the portraiture of the time.

Ceiling of the Chopin Salon in the Hotel
The bedroom had been simple, but this room of the hotel had the old ornate ceiling.

I had  my camera in hand; I began to take picture of every corner.

We walked a few times, up and down the double staircase, rather than taking the elevator.

Desirable wall stenciling in the plaster
Wyona was checking out the style of the banister and the rods that the railing is made of, since she is wanting at least one last European addition to her house at the lake.

The elaborate stenciling on the wall was what Wyona was looking at.

"This is what I wanted my house at the lake to look like," she said to Greg as she ran her hands over the decoration.

Time now for us to pack our bags. There are 3 ways to the boat. The first way is to walk there -- a journey of 40 minutes down La Rambla and through the harbour with our bags. The second way costs 2 euros and involves catching a bus. The third way will take 2 taxis for the 8 bags were are carrying. We just about only had 7 bags, already leaving one on the sidewalk and catching our mistake when Greg was making his count and asking, "Do we really have all our bags on this bus?"

Lucky us. We have at least one adrenalin rush a day.


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