Monday, October 24, 2011

Google Search: Doral Pilling

I just spent the last few minutes completing a Google search about Grandpa Pilling.  Try it yourself.  I was surprised that mine yielded several results including a 'Doral Piling' Facebook page with a quick piece of information about him going to the Olympics in 1928!  Did one of you create this?  Funny that a man who died so many years ago has a Facebook page.

Here are the most interesting links I found:

(They don't have a picture posted.)

Add anymore links below in a comment or add a new post.  Very interesting information.  I am passing all of work to a professor at the University of Manitoba who studies sport history and was intrigued that in 1928 when few people went to the Olympics, Doral, my grandfather did.  Great to share a history and pass on information to others.  Good luck with your own search.

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