Monday, April 8, 2013

Blowing Eggs in Austin

April 9 5:00 a.m. Hong Kong
Story of Eggs in Austin

It has been a month since Greg and I visited Senya, Ivan, Ezra, Jamie and Trent in Austin.  

We had a fabulous visit. It just gets better every time we visit, particularly because we get the masterbedroom.  This is the story in pictures of dyeing some eggs.

One day we blew out the eggs and then we dyed them. Ezra was confused after he had colored his egg and then with one sqeeze, it was over. Hands and mouths were the color of eggs.

Wonderment of the constitution of eggs.

A very industrious group.
And nothing but happiness when it is all over.
Greg is spending quality time with Senya and Ivan watching Zoe's Ipad. Thank you Zoe!

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  1. Ezra, we have all been there. Such a sad face after all that work. Dang egg!